Flower Box Project  

Flower Box Let us begin by introducing the Fitchburg East Rotary Club Founder, Rocco “Rocky” Piccicuto. He was a barber by trade and served in World War II as a Seabee. Seabees were responsible for all construction in the armed services. The Seabees' motto was “Can Do” and the Charter members, led by Rocky, adopted that motto. Soon, the Fitchburg East Rotary Club became known as the “Can Do” Club.

When World War II ended, Rocky opened a barbershop on the seventh floor of, what was then, the Worcester North Bank Building, which overlooked Depot Square and the Water Street Bridge. Rocky would observe life, in that area of town, with his binoculars looking out the window onto the square. There were three Traffic Islands in the square and he had an idea that planting flowers may "beautify" the area and decided to have local businesses sponsor the boxes.

In 1981, Rocky became the first President of the Fitchburg East Rotary Club. Being a new club, Fitchburg East needed to raise money for various projects. Rocky shared his thought about the flowers boxes to the members and explained how it could be a fundraiser for the club. This would allow Fitchburg East to raise income for its projects and the club members unanimously supported the idea. During this time, Crocker Field, at The Fitchburg High School Athletic Field, was under construction and old bleachers were being replaced. Rocky was able to obtain the old planks and they were reused by students from the carpentry department of Fitchburg High School to build seven boxes. These seven wood plank boxes where continuously used, until when we had to replace all of them in 2001.

In 1982 and 1983, Fitchburg East Rotary Club built and installed thirty-two additional boxes on the Water Street Bridge, Morin Square, and Main Street, which were "like-wise" sponsored by both businesses and individuals, often in memory of loved ones. Over the years, the Club continued to receive requests for more boxes and eventually, the Fitchburg East Rotary added new boxes at upper common. The Club subsequently added flower boxes in West Fitchburg as you enter Fitchburg. We also added flowers to the Rotary Circle Flagpole, at the Riverfront Park. Every year, we continue to "beautify" the City of Fitchburg.

Every spring, the Fitchburg East Rotary Club takes pride in this project and we work very hard to plant, fertilize, weed, and water the plants to maintain their appearance. All of our members take turns watering the flowers about 2-3 times weekly in the spring, summer, and early fall. We keep these plants very happy and beautifully maintained in order to help keep Fitchburg looking clean and beautiful.

Please help us sponsor a Flower Box and advertise your business, someone you love, or in memory of a loved one and be part of the tradition that helps us make your city look inviting and make your business flourish. Boxes are available for $125.00 for the first year and the signs cost $50.00.

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