This is a list of some of the members of the Fitchburg East Rotary Club.

Name Occupation
Robert Campbell Commercial Banking
Gary Candelet Technical Education
Gary J. Cavaco Robotics Automation
Mary A. Ciuffetti Education Administration
Richard Duncan Technical Education
Ralph P. Fortin Senior Active
Robert P. Gallo Commercial Banking
Elaine D. Hartman Social Worker
Edwin H. Howard, Sr. Senior Active
Aisha K. Jones Veteran's Affairs
Mark Minnucci Education
William E. Oksanen Senior Active
Peter R. Perry Education
Herbert H. Pratt Senior Active
Paula B. Rheaume Aesthetician
Raymond G. Stone Senior Active
Edward A. Tarquinio Senior Active
Karen M. Warren Pharmaceuticals
Mark E. Williams General Contracting
Tarrnum N. Williams Restauranteur
Edward L. Woodcome
General Insurance

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